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EGUNGUN: He is the one representing the spirit of dead ones, as any one dies automatically becomes Egungun, and you make the feasting to Egungun toremember dead ones in Orun. The things used to propitiate the feastingare: moinmoin, beans cake (Akara), cold pap (Eko tutu), Obi (Kolanuts),Akuko Adie (Roosters), Oruko (he-goat), Amala (yam/cassava meal). TheIcon representing Egungun are: Opaku, Isan eegun, Eku Eegun, etc. The colour is majorly RED.

OBATALA/ORISA-NLA: He is the leader of all Orisas in the wrold, He gives the destiny toall newly moulded creatures by Ajala Alamo. These are the materials used to feast Obatala: Obi (kolanut), Igbin (snails), melon soup(Egusi). All foods should not have salt in them. Ota Obatala is thepart of the Icons. The color is majorly WHITE and the name of the bead is called Sesefun.

ORI APERE: This the Orisa in charge of everyone destiny, changes bad destiny togood one, and resist bad to happen to someone. For feasting, Obi (Kolanut), agbon (coconut), eiye etu (guinea fowl), Eja aaro (catfish), oti (gin), melon soup (Obe Egusi). The icon made of cowries shells is called ILE-ORI, with its inner one called Ibori. This is not physical head, but inner-most destiny of everyone.

ORUNMILA/IFA: He is the Orisa that witnesses everyone destiny, as He can tell what todo to make good things in life especially through Itefa (IfaInitiation), also He is a chief consultant of all other Orisas. Tofeast are: Obi (kolanut), Eja (cat fish), Eku (rat), Ewure (she goat),Abodie (hen), yam/cassava flour (Amala), Ewedu soup. The Icons areOpele (Ifa chain), Ikin Ifa (ifa sacred nuts), major clours are GREEN$BROWN conmbined, called IDE-IFA.

SANGO: Sango was one of the Irunmole that Olodumare Firstly sent to the World, Sango was a warrior, very agile, brave, truthful and aggressive person, He didnot like any coward behaviours like cheating, stealing,greed,selfishness etc. Sango loved to wear clothes Yeri designed with cowries shells, which showed that he was rich. One of the Sango’s powersis Edun Ara(Thunder Stone), he used the stone to judge any one with bad behaviours. Sango divinity is quite different from Sango Alaafin who was the king of Old Oyo Empire.

Sango is a diety who requires bending down to propitiate,(not kneeling down), These are the items to feast Sango: Ram, he-goat,rooster, rat, fish, toad, bitter kola etc. Sango favourite foods are Amala (food madeof yam or cassava flour), Gbegiri soup(soup made of beans), orunla(soup made of dried okro), Ilasa ( made of okro leaves). Icons are: Ose Sango, Edun ara. The colour is majorly RED.

OGUN LAKAYE: He is the one that has to do with iron and protection against war,accident or any unfaithful occurences, also incharge of hunting. He islike Sango who does not take cheating or lies, and He was the one tha tfound the path/road for all Other Orisas to this world. The foods for Ogun are: Agbo (Ram), Obuko (He-Goat), Akuko Adie (roosters), Epo pupa(palm oil), Emu (palm wine), Ewa yiyan (fried beans),Obi (kolanut), Aja(Dog). The icon is: consecrated iron, the colour is majorly RED.

OBALUAYE/SANPONA: Oniwowo Ado is the Orisa who is in charge of diseases like measles andchiken pox, He fights with these while He also removes them from anyonethat has it. Brooms should not be used near Obaluaye shrine, he is a husband of Nana-Bukuu. His colour is camwood colour.Foods to propitiate Obaluaye are: Egbo (corn porridge), Emu (palmwine), Igbin (snails), Ekuru (beans cake), Obuko (he-goat), Iyan (pounded yam).

OSUN: She is the one incharge of kid rearing and survival, good marriage,giving good health and wealth to both olds and youngs, she is agile andbrave like other male Orisas. The major colour is Navy blueand white, Stones (Ota Osun), Brass (Ide Osun) are Her Icons. The foodfor Osun Feasting are: Ewa sise (cooked beans), Abodie (hen), Adun(corn powder cake), Ireke (Sugarcane), Efo Yanrin (Yanrin vegetable).

OYA ORIRI: She is the Orisa who is in-charge of the WIND or FLOOD, She is appeased to have peaceful breeze, or rain, also appeased for any natural disaster outbreak. The Icon are, Edun Oya (Oya stone), Bull horn etc. She is the wife of Sango

YEMOJA: Mother of Sango as it is believed, She is a powerful Orisa who is alsoincharge of any life tribulations, Yemoja gives long life and disasterfree life to the people.. Her favourite foods are: Geese/Duck (Pepeye),Beans (Ewa), Guinea fowl (Eye Etu), Corn (Agbado). Her major colour is Yanrin Yemoja (sandy colour).

ORISA-OKO: He isthe Orisa in charge of Agriculture, He gives good harvest in anyonejobs or works of life. It doesnot only mean agricultural harvest alonebut spiritual harvest, so that at the end of any business one has goodaccount and big profit back home. Foods are: Iyan (pounded yam), Obe egusi (melon soup), Oti (gin) etc.

ORISA ODU: Oduwas the wife of Orunmila and She is the one that gives total perfectionto what one needs and makes one overcome the conflicts of Awon Iyami(The Witches). Even though women can do Itefa, it still remains taboo for women or non-initiates to see Orisa Odu. The worship and Icons of Orisa Odu remains inner most secret in Ifa/Orisa Traditional religion. Foods to feast are: Eyele (Pigeon), Abodie (hen), Igbin (Snails), Obi (Kolanut).

EGBE ORUN: This is the Orisa of Astral Mates, They reveal the dos of ones' mate in ORUN (heaven), They assist in troubles settlements, assures good progress and resist untimely death and diseases. All Edible foods are used to feast Egbe. There are several types of Egbe based on where they live or stay.

AWON IYAMI (THE WITCHES): They are the ones Olodumare give the total control of this world, they assist, help, punish, rescucitate etc, anyone depends on how you feast them to get their Assistance. Foods; Okete (Big rats), Obi Abata (Big kolanut), Ifun eran (goat intestines), Epo pupa (Palm oil), Eko tutu (Cold pap)etc.

ESU ODARA: He is the Orisa that serves as police among all Orisas, He gets the foods for other Orisas, and He is in between all Orisas, He assist, punish anyone that does against His wishes. Foods are: Oruko (He-goat), Akuko (Roosters), Epo Pupa (Palm oil), Obi (Kolanuts), Oti (Gin). The colour is BLACK.

OGBONI: This is the Orisa in charge of mother earth (Iya Aye), and the worhip of Edan which is the main Icon of Ogboni, started like a society but more or less religious part today. Ogboni assists to get good favours from people, and to have peace of mind in ones life. The Icon are Edan and Eta Ogboni. Foods are: Obi (kolanuts), orogbo (bitter-kola), Oti (gin), Atare (Alligator pepper) etc.. He is the Orisa that punish betrayal or enemies.

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